Anglican Religious Life is exciting, demanding, fulfilling, joyful, difficult ..! For centuries God’s been calling people of all ages, backgrounds and temperaments to live and walk with Him as a ‘Religious’ – Francis, Teresa of Avila,  Ignatius, Hilda, Bernard and thousands more. They responded … how about you?

A ‘Religious’ can mean a monk or a nun who lives with others as part of a community (in a convent or monastery) and commits their life to God by making Life Vows. Some work within their convent/monastery, some work in towns and cities, some may try and do both! Some wear habits and veils while others will don ‘normal’ clothes perhaps wearing a small cross. Locations and weblinks to such communities can be found here.

However ‘Religious Life’ means so much more. God calls some to live under a vow of consecrated celibacy within a growing network called the Single Consecrated Life. Others feel drawn to be part of a community but to remain living in their own homes and circumstances (married or single), living by a Rule of Life. An expression of such a call is the life of an Associate, Friend, Oblate or Tertiary, being linked to an established community, eg. the Sisters of Bethany, or as part of a group with a common aim, eg. Church Mission Society, or as part of a community seeking to live a certain way spiritually, eg. Contemplative Fire.

Alongside the well established monastic communities there are a growing number of new ones. Locations and weblinks to these can be found on this site under our Communities page.

God calls us ultimately to be ourselves. If you feel drawn to Religious Life in some way then why not take a first step in responding to a possible call from God? Contact us (click on the link in the side bar above), tell us a little about yourself and we’ll advise you on what to do next. The possibilities are huge.