It comes as a surprise to many that there are monks, nuns, brother and sisters in the Anglican church, who are faithfully pursuing lives of contemplative prayer and active service in Religious Communities. It shouldn’t be, but it sometimes is, equally surprising to many that we are not superheroes but ordinary people, called like others to be followers of Jesus Christ.

So we have gathered together some introductory information about the Religious Life – what do we do and why? how do you tell if it’s the path for you? what do you do next? – and have provided some resources to help you discover more, from ideas for reading material to Communities you can follow on Twitter.




If you are thinking about whether the Religious Life is for you, or you are interested in particular Communities, or if you advise other people on vocations, or you are just interested in one of the unintentionally ‘best-kept secrets’ of the church, we hope that you will find this website useful.

We hope shortly to be able to provide specific information about all the different Communities. In the meantime, you can also find out about events where you can meet members of Communities, and of course you can contact us.



It is – or should be – impossible to imagine a church that flourishes without the flourishing of Religious communities as an integral part of the body of Christ.

It is – or should be – impossible because, it is our life in Religion, in contemplation, in prayer and community around a Rule and around worship, that makes us more than an NGO with loads of pointy roofed old buildings. Stanley Hauerwas in one of his sermons comments that the church should always be engaged in doing things that make no sense if God does not exist.

Life in Religion is the ultimate wager on the existence of God. Through it people subject themselves to discipline, to each other in Community, however difficult and odd each other is… and they subject themselves above all to prayer.

Archbishop Justin Welby, 28 March 2014

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    Oratory, Mucknell Abbey
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    Community of the Sisters of the Church